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IoT remote control gateway device.


With the capability of gathering, analyzing and distributing the data, IoT allows the connection between the intranet and in house web and a range of devices or sensors.


IoT gateway in conjunction with IOT sensors have the ability to do more than just connect spare devices to the Internet a well developed web of sensors and gateways can  play a big role in the effort of a modern industry of improving the efficiency or even adding new features to the system. New features such as Artificial Intelligence, reporting and energy oiptimization transforming every common object/machinery into connected one.


Microidea's gateway allows to aggregate multiple data coming from several devices linked to its ports.  

Sensors, transducer, analyzers, phase modifier and linked systems are coordinated through a reading optimization and safe transfer of data from and to the remote cloud.

Main ports are - WiFi - Ethernet -Modem Gsm and GPRS - Isolated r485 port. Narrowband is currently under development.

It is also possible to implement mesh networks with sensors and transductors plugged to the r485 port and other devices plugged through Ethernet or WiFi port; the gateway regroups and sends data at the same time. Moreover, through bidirectionality there is a possibility to activate/deactivate outputs and, if necessary, gather data from them. Remotely it is possible to modify some preset and parameters.

The suitability for DIN rail applications and its extractable terminals make this device ideal for electric board industrial applications. Furthermore, the operator can easily understand the system status in both functioning and diagnostics thanks to its clear and intuitive graphics on the front.