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When it comes to connect devices, the electronic wire connectors can became difficult to arrange. 

The DIN rail mounting System and the flat-cable connection have been invented to simplify maintenance and reliability of the systems. 

The rail mounting systems solved many problems in terms of interoperability. It’s a perfect space saver. 

Nowadays flat cable connectors are largely important in terms of connection technology. Modern panel mounted devices are made with a large number of electrical connectors, terminal blocks, pcb terminals and interface modules with many din rail terminal blocks. 

The flat ribbon cables which are used in Microidea interfaces permits to declutter even the most large din rail equipment racks . 

Microidea din rail wiring interfaces: many option for your electronic wire connectors.

Microidea provide a wide range of solutions. We produce up to 18 variations from  flat-cable interfaces  will satisfy any electrical wiring option accepting from 4 to 16 terminals able to lodge cables up to a 2,5 mm² diameter.

Microidea interfaces permits to use ribbon cables connectors with a large number of pins (from 4 to 16 terminals (female connectors), giving option for complex installations and connections.

Our DIN rail relay interfaces (single or double contact) comply the best security standards. All devices are manufactured in self-extinguisher material and specifically designed to link low-voltage logics and control devices in electric boards, PCB and PLC.