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In many cases the flat ribbon cable technology need to be tightly integrated to operate correctly. Digital devices need wire connectors to operate synchronously. 


Due to the large market offers often system integrators need to connect many devices of different brands. The standard of sockets can have different number of pins, voltages and shapes.


In those cases flat cable interfaces offer a solid and reliable connection technology capable of simplify the system. Any panel-mounted installation which involve some  electronic wire connectors should have an appropriate number of interfaces.


Microidea line offer many different ribbon cable connectors: from D-sub to flat-cable IPF  interfaces. It’s easy to connect PLC to any controller and vice versa.



Flat cable relay interfaces 

The sockets of a relay interface have many functions; the most important purpose is to allow, an easy attachment to the DIN bars present inside an electrical panel. 


In addition accessory jumpers allow faster connection of common signals between different interfaces. Microidea sockets are built with electronic components capable of filtering or modifying the input signal: breaking down an AC main voltage to a lower DC voltage in order to be applied to the relay coil. 

DIN rail wiring interfaces


Wiring interface modules serve to connect low-voltage logic to control equipment in switchboards. These electrical devices are mounted on DIN rails, are made of flame-retardant material, and connect low-voltage logic to control equipment in switchboards.


Safe and reliable DIN rail wiring interfaces


Wiring interfaces are used to optimise and simplify wiring.

Microidea wiring interfaces can accommodate cables with diameters up to 2.5 mm², so they can be used in any context.