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about us


We offer a high-quality assembly service for electronic components, working with companies in the industrial, biomedical and military sectors.

The creation of the design and development division allows the company to manufacture products under the Microidea brand. These are custom solutions that allow the company to open up to more technological realities to which we now provide technological and design consultancy.


Our strength is concreteness. Microidea's custom projects solve specific needs in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Customized Projects



Microidea S.r.l. was born in 1975 in the province of Bergamo with the goal to provide a qualified system of electronic component assembly.

Since the beginning, the company emerged and developed meaningful collaborations with partners in the industrial, biomedical, railways and military avionics sectors.

In the following years, the company widened its business area with the creation of the Design and Developement Unit dedicated to the design of innovative products for third parties.

Towards the latter half the '80s, the Design and Development unit allowed the company to manufacture its first products for electronic automation to clients' specification with applications in many various industrial fields (from biomedical to military).


In the '90s it also improved the R&D unit through the implementation of the Custom dept. Now the company can guarantee a total customization service of its products based on the client's specifications.

From 2000 onward, Microidea began manufacturing with its own brand product lines for the industrial automatization at low-voltage.

From 2008, Microidea collaborated with the US-based company Richardson RFPD and stepped into the world of the POWER as a service supplier for the study, prototyping and realization of sector-related products.

To this day, it employs 18 staff and 5000 sq. m of productive area.