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The management of Microidea, a company in the electrical and electronic sector, has outlined the following key points for its quality policy:


Focus on the design and production of electronic devices for high-tech industries that require expertise and precision, targeting a market where high quality in relation to performance is the key to emerging and achieving a prominent position in the market.


Provide efficient and effective technical support to ensure quick response times and high-quality service; ensure on-time delivery by selecting qualified suppliers.


Work with the goal of producing defect-free products. Increase production and testing efficiency by planning maintenance interventions.


Operate in compliance with current regulations, constantly updating knowledge about new laws and always adhering to regulations.

The necessary tools to achieve these objectives include:

  • Invest in resources primarily aimed at high quality.
  • Build strong customer loyalty through continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain levels of absolute excellence in quality.
  • Define and implement control procedures to ensure defect-free delivered products and minimize production waste.
  • Invest in technological innovation for sophisticated equipment, production, and control machinery.
  • Train and educate personnel to ensure their loyalty, independence, and decision-making autonomy.
  • Develop and research new products, intensify relationships with external entities, suppliers, and customers.
  • Manage the company according to ISO 9001:2015 standards, identifying areas for resource investment for improvement and measuring progress towards planned objectives.

The implementation of these general objectives is the responsibility of the management, which annually implements a development plan to incorporate this policy and continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The development and implementation of the quality policy are entrusted to all individuals collaborating with Microidea, according to their respective roles defined in the company's organizational chart.


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