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Reading data: the first step in industry 4.0


Microidea true RMS multimeters are suited to industry 4.0 and energy monitoring. Equipped with MODBUS or 485 data transmission ports, they can form the basis of installations for energy monitoring and remote reading of electrical values.


What does True RMS mean?

RMS voltage stands for Root Mean Square. It’s a common name for internal computation managed by RMS-capable instruments to take  proper measurements of sinusoidal ac. 


In this case, measuring AC, the Multimeter take in account only the positive peak voltage value of the electrical sine wave of input signal This procedure is called rms measurement. 


When the signal is not a perfect sine wave the simple RMS became not reliable because of an induced multimeter RMS noise. In this case  simple rms reading multimeter are not enough. True rms power multimeter are needed.


In real world pure sinusoidal isn’t common. Most of the times the measured voltage is distorted by ac signals (or random ac voltage interferences), square wave signals, noise sources. Measurement instruments can be drive wrong by ac waveform and uneven wave shape. 


In order to avoid this problem Microidea has developed its true RMS (True Root Mean Square) measurement multimeters  which apply a complex mathematical formula to avoid any false measurement and provide accurately measure on a wide range of applications.


True-rms digital multimeters with their true rms meter take in count of  all the noise provided by variable switches, drives, battery chargers and cheap power supplies, computers, etc.


Multimeters, power meters and energy meters


Multimeters are instruments that modern industry cannot do without. They can measure various parameters (voltage, current, resistance, power...).
The multimeters manufactured by Microidea can read more than 50 different measurements, which can be suitably addressed and transmitted in real time to SCADA systems.


They are indispensable instruments for contexts in which it is difficult to get a clear picture of the energy situation, and have been designed to provide exhaustive and complete data.


When do you need a rms root mean square multimeter?

Everytime a non sinusoidal wave occurs.  Distorted signals, irregular patterns, spikes, pulse trains, squares, triangles, sawtooth are present in the system, our products are the perfect solutions.