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Protection Relay


Protection for circuits and electrical equipment


A range of protections relays to keep switchboards and electric/electronic devices safely under active control.


Protection relays are meant to trip a circuit breaker when a fault is detected. These smart devices receive inputs in the form of current, voltage, or resistance, compare them to set points and give back an output to protect the electrical system.

Protection relays are indeed essential to ensure the safety of an electrical system using a system of protection relays to safeguard the operators working in that environment as well as the system lines and equipment. Once a fault is detected by a protection relay, the device will automatically close down the breaker’s trip circuit, protecting the rest of the electronical system from faulty issues.


Our relay is a voltage protection to enhance your power system protection.  As a passive protection unit, the relay acts as a smart device: providing electrical inputs with low-voltage or high voltage level, the device compares them to set points  monitoring if an abnormal condition occurs on transmission lines. 


The special protection scheme implemented in Microidea Protection relays will act as a circuit breaker providing a backup protection for your machinery. As result of this monitoring the protection relay  will also provide output. The output can include visual feedback or indicators or an alphanumeric display.


Accordingly to operation principles, the  protection function of the internal relay  continues to compare the provided limit values in order to make a decision. Depending on the need, different types of relays are available for different functions. A variety of circuits can be connected to Microidea protection relays. 


Out devices can be used to monitor over or under runs of an electrical energy line, detecting wrong phase sequences, wrong temperatures, fuse and motor protection as well as liquid level control. 
Microidea protection relays 


In order to preserve integrity of the system they can also be connected to things like alarm switches, activating when a danger occur to trigger an alarm.


Protection relays, why you should choose Microidea


Microidea can customise the technical specifications of its relays to fully adapt them to the customer's needs, even for small batches.


Those looking for generator protection systems or switchboard protection relays can rely on Microidea, which has been refining its techniques and products for low voltage industrial automation for over 40 years.