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Fuse guard for DIN rail applications on electric board. The fuse monitor comes in a 2 modules size.

The fuse monitor is a particular type of protection relays, used to control a circuit by an independent low-power signal or, on the opposite, when one signal controls different circuits. The application of a fuse monitor can be find in fuse monitoring and when there is the necessity to control the activites of a fuse.

Equipped with a green and a red LED light to indicate the state of the fuses, the fuse monitor can work both as mono or three phase realy. It works even in case of disconnected load.

The fuse monitor resets automatically after the substitution of the fuse and has a clean contact for an output signal.

Microidea's Fuse Monitor FGT works correctly even in critical situations, such as:

  • Phases asymmetry

  • Independence from the phases' sequence

  • Presence of harmonics

  • Regenerated currents derived by motors

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