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Last-generation multimeter in true RMS suitable for the 4.0 industry and for energy monitoring.

Lacking a display, it is designed for use on SCADA networks or serial link on 485.

This instrument is suitable also for retrofit or temporary installations since it only takes two modules (35mm) and can easily fit anywhere.

Equipped with opto isolated rs485 output, is able to convey countless different measures and so it represents an essential instrument for situations where a comprehensiveness of data is needed, which a regular multimeter cannot provide.

  • Mono or 3 phase mode installation

  • cosΦ in four quadrants

  • harmonic distortion single phase and total

  • Recording of max values of tension, current, harmonic distortion and temperature

  • W-Wh-VA-Vah-Var-Varh

  • Energy measure imported and exported

For a complete list of the detectable measures, please relate to the datasheet.