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Microidea is eager to provide counselling and to assist its clients in the following situations




  • Support for the designing of DC-DC power converters (switching and linear converters), AC-DC (static rectifier groups), DC-AC (fixed and variable-tune inverters groups)

  • Support for dimensioning and use of power electronic components such as SCR, BJT, GTO, IGBT, diodes, diodes bridges

  • Support for the designing of analogue and digital hardware cards

  • Support for the designing of direct current, brushless and asynchronous motors drivers.

  • Knowledge of motors control techniques

  • Support for the designing of inverter weldings

  • Troubleshooting for high/low frequency disruption and electromagnetic compatibility.

15 KW automotive inverter

INVERTER of 15 KW for automotive 

CHOPPER for 1MW battery charger



Support for calculation and design techniques with the support of softwares such as PSPICE;

GWBASIC; Orcad; EXCEL; WORD; SMath;  etc)


Support for international normatives matters such as IECxxxx , ENxxxxx , VDExxxxx etc. regarding the conformity of electronic products (specifically electrically operations), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336, Low Voltage Directive 73/23, CE mark and EN60204-1 Machines Directive


Machine directive according to the EN60204-1 norm


Support for norms applications in the railway applications and specifically for Ferrovie dello Stato (national Italian railway) such as  EN50155, EN50124, EN50126,EN50207 ecc. norms



  • Support for problems about electric arc welding sets and corresponding norms (EN 50197, En 50199)

  • Support for problems regarding ISO9000 quality systems applications.

  • Risk analysis via FMEA practice.

  • Support for the preseries production and the industrial launching of the products, taking also care of:

  • Purchase of materials

  • Planning of the testing and burn-in stations

  • Manufactoring flow

  • Components subcontractors managing

  • Support for the designing of products' functional specifics and for the cost, design time and development of power systems esteems collaboratively with the Marketing Department.


DC/DC converter for medical applications (X-Ray)


 RECTIFIER for  1 MW battery charger


  • Development of algorythms for the regulations and control of converters and motor controls. 

  • Development of firmwares for PWM modulation techniques for IGBT, MOSFET OR SCR inverter.

  • Implementation of necessaries softwares to support grid code.

  • Implementation of communication softwares for fieldbus; on serial network (according to Modbus, Profibus, Canbus protocols), on ethernet networks (tcp-ip, MODBUS/tcp,, ETHERCAT, POWERLINK, PROFINET).

  • Functional tests at the internal company laboratory and at licensed laboratories for the validation stage of the product, according to the national and/or international standard regulations. 

  • Knowledge and capacity utilisation of laboratory, quality-measuring and power supply-measuring instruments.


  • Capacity to work for projects according to standard ISO9001.

  • Applications and softwares for the developing og simulation models (Matlab/Simulink, Psim)

  • SCADA development environment for graphic interfaces on lines displays and charts.

  • Knowledge of operating systems (Linux e Win CE).



swistec inverter

RIPPLE CONTROL inverter (60-400KVA)