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Battery chargers


Battery chargers for lead acid and Ni-Cd batteries


Our range of battery chargers has been designed for lead acid batteries in switchboards, generators and forklifts.


Battery chargers that are convenient and safe for switchboards, generators and forklifts.

The best solution to solve the problem of a ever ready energy reserve. 

To obtain the best result its important to provide a fast charge at a constant charge voltage. 

Normally the process is done with normal temperature, but an industrial charger have to manage every climate.

Microidea chargers includes special features, such as charging at adverse temperatures any SLA and rechargeable batteries. 

Our new chargers are equipped with self-recognition feature. The device is able to check the connected  battery type and provide the right supply voltage level.

Our acid battery chargers are specifically designed to maximize the charge and life of the battery itself. 

Sealed lead acid batteries (SLA) have a different charging pattern from lithium ion batteries

For example forklifts needs battery chargers for lead acid batteries which are not too different from SLA battery or car battery chargers but unlike the latters an industrial charger needs to be heavy duty, providing a fast full charge. 

We have design our battery charger for 24v lead acid batteries in order to assure stable output voltages even under long charging sessions.


Microidea has designed battery chargers that can be used to recharge backup batteries or standby batteries in switchboards.


The battery chargers can deliver up to 15 A at three different power supply voltages (6.9, 13.8 or 27.6 V). The battery charger is a 100% safe system: each device is equipped with systems to protect it against short circuit, reversed polarity and overvoltage.


Very efficient and versatile, the battery chargers feature full control over voltage, current and charging time to optimise the battery charge and lifetime.