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Read, combine and transmit data: an essential task for industry 4.0

Microidea gateway equipment can combine the large amounts of data from multiple devices connected to its ports. Since many companies now use various pieces of industrial equipment from different manufacturers or of different generations, it is essential to find a way of connecting these devices so that they can talk to each other.

From wireless controllers to remote air quality controllers, energy monitoring devices, industrial iot temperature sensors:  our gateway integrates your management system easily and efficiently. 


The growing need of IOT solutions: form data logging to gateway compact weather stations. 

Energy management is the key for sustainable industry and one of the biggest issues for companies today. As long-term strategic thinkers, managers of 4.0 industry must be closely involved in these practices. 


Developing a remote energy management it’s essential to control the efficiency of your energy usage and to address the cost centers properly into the company assets.. 


Even in others fields our gateway can be useful to be connected to data loggers and data recorders in order to keep track of energy savings, wireless sensors, remote air quality monitoring and smart meters. 


For any industrial process which need to control the temperature and humidity, energy consumption or need to connect a temperature data logger, a gateway is essential.


Our Gateways may be used in a Wireless Mesh network to push data across the wireless network to cover longer distances. 


For example, devices may be grouped into separate networks: one for each floor of a high-rise buildings. Data will be pushed between floors without interference.


This is what gateways are for: to allow the various pieces of equipment to communicate with each other in the same language, even that of the company's proprietary IT equipment.

Our energy efficient products have a wide area of applications. 

If needed we also work on custom projects: we can combine devices onto a custom project, change the shape or the components to meet your exact needs.


Communication uniformity via the gateway


The gateway coordinates sensors, transducers, analysers, power factor controllers, and all connected systems. It also takes care of optimising data reading and securely transferring data to and from the cloud structure.


Microidea Gateways do an essential job: they provide the main infrastructure to transport your  data through your gateway - router - modem till your mainframe. 


Your data belongs to you and it’s up to us providing the best support , we’ll let you free to decide where your data will arrive.

Correctly combining information and data from various instruments is essential for any company that wants to keep up with the times and avoid succumbing to the evolution of instruments and machines. The accumulated experience of Microidea has allowed it to develop extremely versatile and flexible equipment to achieve this goal.