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The Microidea SWMT electric board power supply covers a vast array of applications where the alimentation stability and robustness are key.

To satify any working enviroment, Microidea POWER SUPPLY SWMT2475/e as been built to provide High Efficiency (Up To 90%), 105°c Long Life Capacitance and 150% Peak Load Capability in any situation.

This standards have been developed to assure top key performance for demanding applications and to fit any working condition.

In order to assure maximum efficiency Microidea power supplies are provided with a metallic box protection ip20 and a din rail mounting en50.022 ensuring compatibility with the lattest standards.

Versions from 120 to 480W are equipped with active pfc input, while the standard range offers protection from:

  • Short-circuit

  • Overload

  • Overvoltage

  • Overtemperature