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Panel-mounting change-over switching automatic unit.

As an automatic transfer switch, Microidea DTS can manage power transfer from a failing generator to a backup system of standby generators, allowing a safe transition to emergency supply even in case of portable generators. 

Microidea software has been developed as a complete measurement and protection utility power package.  

It easily allows safe transfers with synch-check to ensure the smoothest possible transfer from main power to backup generators.

This tool can handle autonomously or analogically the change-over switching from generating set and power grid, depending on how it is set up and connected.

It hence allows, through the choice of several parameters programmable from software, the continuity of power supply in the absence of one of the two power units plugged in.

It constantly monitors the functioning of the generator and its principal parameters while, with a background control process, waits for the main line to return. As soon as the power grid is restored, GENSET commutes once more the use towards the latter, sending the input for the auxiliary generator shutdown.

It is equipped with a series of programmable alarms such as:

  • Error maximum or minimum tension from the generator/power grid

  • Error network phases asymmetry

  • Error absence of tension or contactors faultiness

  • Abilitation relay alarm

This alarms can be displayed in the DTS version while, in the DTS-E model, can also be sent outside to be interfaced with SCADA or PLC systems.