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Rifasatori automatici trifase Microidea modello DPFC06B3


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The tradition of the power factor management

The automatic DPFC power factor line brought Microidea a seat at the table in the world of green energy and industrial rephasing since 2009.

These appliances read phase shifts / absorbed load voltage in real-time and, through a dedicated algorythm, switch on and off capacitor banks to maintain the system's power factor within the limits intended and set by the National Authority.

Three-phase versions have the specific feature that allows them to handle also out-of-balance load facilities, thus offering a more accurate correction factor.

The three great-readability LED displays are still largely employed because of their simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

The DPFC power factor controller is designed to employ the linked capacitor banks at their maximum efficiency, balancing the insertion number and the total insertion time.

It is equipped with auto-detect of linked stable-load capacitor banks and can operate in the four quadrants, so it can perform also in presence of power generators such as wind farms, solar power plants and such.

Over time, these versions acquired high reliability and robustness and are nowdays highly valued by OEM companies and switchboard attendants.

The versions available

The power factor controller is available for mono and three-phase networks and in the 96mm-wide and 144mm-wide versions, with an only 62mm depth.

The 144m version is equipped with a TTL serial port and a TSO protocol, besides the Mod-bus RTU protocol, offering the possibility to be interfaced with pre-existing systems.